Fossil Studies: Dino Tracks!

dinosaur trackway trail

After walking in pioneer footsteps at the Guernsey wagon ruts, our next stop was in northeast Utah in search of slightly older footsteps. Flaming Gorge We exited the interstate and drove the beautiful Flaming Gorge Scenic Byway (US Highway 191). Sections of this road were steeper than we are accustomed to towing, but it was manageable with smart driving techniques. We were heading into the Rockies and each curve in the road brought another new Continue Reading →

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Fossil Studies: Agate Fossil Beds

National Monument

Before we left Nebraska, while staying at Scotts Bluff, we took a day trip up to Agate Fossil Beds National Monument. Parallel to our studies of the Oregon Trail, the kids were also learning about fossils as we anticipated traveling through some of the most fossil-rich areas of the country. Just as the Oregon Trail and the adventures of the pioneers easily captures a child’s imagination, it is equally easy to get kids interested in Continue Reading →

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Along the Oregon Trail: Guernsey Wagon Ruts

Oregon Trail

Months before our travels along the Oregon Trail, during our summer visit to Sweden, I was on a walk with the kids and we were talking about the pioneers of the 1840s and 50s. It’s a time in American history that easily captures a child’s imagination and the questions came in rapid-fire fashion. But the height of their excitement came when I said that so many wagons had followed this same route that the ruts Continue Reading →

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Along the Oregon Trail: Scotts Bluff, Nebraska

Robideaux RV park

After Chimney Rock, our trusty steed Herb towed our “covered wagon” along the Oregon Trail, west to Scotts Bluff. We pulled in to the Robidoux RV park, run by the city of Gering, Nebraska and located beautifully at the base of the bluff. That first evening, as we watched the sun set behind the beautiful Scotts Bluff National Monument, I realized how much I had missed mountain views as we crossed all those miles of Continue Reading →

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Along the Oregon Trail: Chimney Rock

After week upon week of flat, open landscapes, its appearance is startling and unmistakable. Chimney Rock rises out of the prairie like the tall spire of a hidden cathedral, a landmark unchanged since the days of the pioneers in covered wagons. Its message to us was the same as to them: the landscape is changing. There are mountains ahead. We’d started telling the kids about the Oregon Trail. They have some context for understanding what Continue Reading →

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Merry Christmas 2017

I love Christmas cards. I love sending them and receiving them. I think it’s a great tradition and a special way to stay in touch, even in a world where most of us are connected via social media. I love going through our pictures from the year, finding our favorites and arranging them to share as a holiday greeting to our friends. I love the whole package. Which is why it was such a hard Continue Reading →

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Exploring Central Nebraska

Continuing west after our visit to Omaha, we met up with friends in central Nebraska and spent a couple of days with them there. These are friends that we met through Full-time Families and camped beside in Florida last winter. In the spring, we met up with them to explore Mammoth Cave. This time, our itineraries didn’t sync quite as easily, but spending time with them made it worth it for us to take an Continue Reading →

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Discovering Omaha

There aren’t too many states left where we can say it’s a new state for all 5 of us. Iowa was one. Nebraska was another. I’ll admit, I didn’t know much about Nebraska before we started planning our fall itinerary. After spending more than two weeks there, we can now say that it is so much more than a “fly-over state” and definitely worth a visit if you get the opportunity! Our first stop was Continue Reading →

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Reconnecting with an Old Friend in Missouri

Most people who know us know that Staffan and I met while working at Kirkwood Camp in the Pocono Mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania. If you haven’t heard it, the story is equal parts funny and sweet – and long, so we’ll save that for another time. The summers we spent at Kirkwood were and are an important part of our story, and naturally so are all the people we shared them with. Even though we Continue Reading →

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Midwestern Homecomings

Homecoming wasn’t really a thing in my high school. I guess we had a thing that we called Homecoming, but it was on Thanksgiving Day and since my family generally traveled for Thanksgiving, I usually missed it. One year, because I was in the marching band, I was there for the football game in the morning but my family was waiting in the car and we left from there. I don’t remember it being a Continue Reading →

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