Lower-Slower Delaware

Continuing north, we left the I95 corridor and headed for the Del-Mar-Va Peninsula via the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. It was the closest and fastest route, and I remember crossing it as a kid and thinking it was really fun. Though the tolls were a bit steep with the trailer, it was a welcome break from miles of endless interstate. Both bridges and tunnels are exciting for kids in the car, and the CBBT offers about 20 Continue Reading →


The Impact of Hurricane Sandy

Travel Route

While Hurricane Sandy slammed the East Coast, we were high and dry in the deserts of Arizona and New Mexico. Our media exposure was limited and while we’d heard there was a big “superstorm” back east, it took us a few days before we understood the impact the storm would have on our route. Recalculating route… Recalculating route… Our plan had been to start heading north just east of New Orleans, visit some friends in Continue Reading →


Zzyzx Rd

Zzyzx Road sign

When was the last time you saw a 5-letter word using only the last 3 letters of the alphabet? No? Me neither. It’s in the middle of the Mojave Desert in California, but the car ahead of us exited so apparently people go there. Imagine my surprise when I asked Mr. Google about this word and it turns out it has its own Wikipedia page. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zzyzx,_California if you’re interested) And it seems I’m not the Continue Reading →


5000 Miles

5000 miles

Assuming that our trip is 10,000 miles (which we’re now thinking is a pretty big underestimate), then 5,000 miles would be the halfway point distance-wise. Our trip odometer reached 5,000 miles exactly on September 24, not far from Mt. Rainier in Washington. If our trip is 90 days (which seems like it’s probably a pretty good estimate) then the halfway point time-wise would be day 45, October 3.


Recalculating Route…

“Recalculating route…” is what you hear the voice of your navigation system saying over and over again when you’ve made a wrong turn or decided to leave the route to get gas or a bite to eat. If you have made a wrong turn and are trying frantically to get back on track, the ever-calm voice of your GPS repeating this phrase over and over can be a bit irritating. But don’t read that feeling Continue Reading →


The Route

So here it is! This is our planned route! We’re hoping that by choosing a northern route as we drive west and a southern route as we drive back east, we’ll avoid both the heat of the South in late August and early September and the cold of the North in late October and November. You could say we’re trying to follow the summer. Really we just want to have the best possible chance to Continue Reading →