Our Favorite Things in January

mifold grab and go

We’re trying something new and we hope you’ll let us know if you love it or hate it. About once a month, we want to let you know what some of our favorite things have been lately and why. It will be a different way to tell stories that might not fit in another post, and we hope that it gives you a different kind of insight into our life on the road. We also Continue Reading →


I split my pants in the Grand Canyon

Sometimes shopping secondhand means a great “new” pair of hiking pants for just $5. And sometimes it means you spend your day in the Grand Canyon with your jacket tied around your waist feeling the breeze.  But it makes for a funny story later!


Stuff and Creativity

As our move is in progress and our trip gets closer, it seems there’s more worth sharing and fewer opportunities to sit and write any of it down. We also don’t have internet yet at our new apartment, so forgive me if this blog isn’t so well maintained for a little while. We’re in a bit of a warm-up to the coming nomadic season of life. We’re living in two places at once, with basic Continue Reading →


Small Spaces

Travel Route

Sometimes I get a little nervous about spending 90 days living out of a minivan and a pop-up camper with three other people. Granted, these are the three people I love most in the world. And two of them are relatively small… but this size difference is quickly compensated for in the volume of stuff needed  to take care of these little people. So while most of the time I am just completely excited about this Continue Reading →