Our homes are cluttered with stuff, our schedules cluttered with commitments, our minds are spinning trying to keep track of it all, and it all just moves so fast. We want to rest more, travel more, visit more, laugh more, give more… live more, but there just isn’t time, or money, or space, or energy. Or is there?
Like so many others before us, we are discovering that sometimes less is more. Here we write about our baby steps to reduce what we don’t really need, and how we are finding more space in our lives for what we want most.

Taming the Clutter Monster

“A place for everything, and everything in its place” has always been a bit out of reach for me. While I like it in theory, it always evokes an image of a woman wearing those stereotypical librarian glasses on a chain with her hair pulled tightly back into a bun, as though nothing out of place refers just as much to hair as to things. In other words, the expression always seemed rigid, boring and Continue Reading →


Why I Think “Presentable” is Overrated

comfortable instead of presentable

“Okay, now that I’ve seen your house it feels okay to invite you over to mine.” She said it with a sigh that was something like relief but also with a smile that invited me to friendship. I laughed, my heart warmed by what is still one of the best compliments I’ve ever been given. We met at a church play group when my oldest was 2 and my youngest a newborn. Her kids were Continue Reading →


Introducing the New Lindstroms on the Road!

Welcome to the new Lindstroms on the Road! We started this blog nearly three years ago to share our preparations for, and eventually the details of, our three-month road trip around the United States with our two young children. Though the trip is over and our travels have been chronicled, the blog remains and we’ve even put some effort into redesigning and relaunching it. Why? Because the lessons and experiences of that trip changed our Continue Reading →


Under Construction!

Renovation seems to be very popular right now. Chances are, if you’re not involved in your own remodeling project right now, you’re helping someone else with theirs… or at least watching a stranger’s on TV. Though we’re not usually the type to follow trends, it just so happens that we have our own little renovation project underway. We’re gutting and rebuilding our website. It’s less expensive and messy than remodeling our kitchen and hopefully less Continue Reading →