Family-friendly Houston

Kidtropolis art

There are so many fun and interesting things for families to do in Houston! It was hard to choose how to spend our time while we were there, but based on tips from friends, our kids’ interests, and chances to visit with friends, we chose to visit the Children’s Museum, the Houston Zoo, and Hermann Park. Children’s Museum of Houston After the pleasant surprise of finding a reasonably priced parking space just a short distance Continue Reading →


Chi Town

Though there was an 80% chance of rain and thunderstorms the whole day, we spent the Saturday of Labor Day weekend in downtown Chicago, pleasantly enjoying the other 20%. Chicago is a city with a lot to offer… so what to do with one day, during which it will most likely rain, and two little ones? Traveling with toddlers, less is definitely more. So we sat down the night before to go over our options Continue Reading →