Finding Time, Finding Treasure

We long for a time in our lives when outdoor adventure, travel and exploration will be “normal life” and not just vacations. We are actively working to pursue that dream, but we’re not there yet. In the meantime, there’s dance class and meetings and stopping for groceries on the way to pick up one and drop off the other. Don’t misunderstand, there’s beauty and value in the season we’re in now and we don’t want to Continue Reading →

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A vacation from the vacation in Portland

In Portland we got to visit more friends from Sweden, the Lanns. At this point, about halfway into the trip, we were ready for a break. A sort of vacation from our vacation. Jonas and Greta were so generous as to be our home base for a little travel reboot. We stayed 3 nights (2 full days). The original plan had been to do the “reboot day” on the first day and then “do” Portland Continue Reading →

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Weekend in Billings, Montana

Why Billings? Because with just a short detour off of our planned route, we were able to visit with friends that we hadn’t seen for years. We met their kids, introduced them to ours, and had a really nice time catching up. We met Julia when we were all working at Kirkwood together in 2000. The next year, when she married Justin, we drove out to Kansas to be a part of their wedding. But Continue Reading →

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Three weeks from tomorrow, very very early in the morning, we will be heading to the airport and beginning this amazing adventure. Three weeks! There is so much to be done before then. Not the least of which is finishing our move, which has been in progress for a few weeks already. It has been easy to get overwhelmed. The stress is mounting, the hours of sleep decreasing. We’ve been getting increasingly tired and impatient with each Continue Reading →

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