Along the Oregon Trail: Guernsey Wagon Ruts

Oregon Trail

Months before our travels along the Oregon Trail, during our summer visit to Sweden, I was on a walk with the kids and we were talking about the pioneers of the 1840s and 50s. It’s a time in American history that easily captures a child’s imagination and the questions came in rapid-fire fashion. But the height of their excitement came when I said that so many wagons had followed this same route that the ruts Continue Reading →

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A hike in the Tetons

While still camped in West Yellowstone, we took a day trip to Grand Teton National Park. When Staffan took a solo trip out west more than 10 years ago, one of his most memorable moments was when he first saw the Tetons as he drove to Grand Teton from Yellowstone. He describes pulling over and sitting on the hood of the car just to take it all in for a while. After all these years Continue Reading →

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But where are all the yellow stones?

Most mornings, when Emelie wakes up, she asks the same questions: Is it morning? Did the sun come up today? Where are we? Where are we going today? On the day we were leaving Billings to drive to Yellowstone, she was very excited by the answer to that last question. “Yellowstone! Yay! That sounds very, very fun!” We thought it was because of her book about the national parks. She has often looked at the Continue Reading →

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The Devil and a Crazy Woman

Leaving South Dakota, we continued west into Wyoming. The plan was to drive to Devil’s Tower, spend a little time exploring there, then continue on to Gillette to camp for the night. We had plans to meet friends in Billings, MT for the weekend. Native Americans and other early settlers developed many legends and folk tales around the Devil’s Tower landmark. And it’s not hard to understand why. When all the surrounding area is rolling Continue Reading →

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