A Week in Osceola National Forest

Today’s post was written by our daughter Emelie, age 9. She is interested in contributing to the blog more often and we’re excited to be able to share our journey from her perspective as well! I have not edited her text in any way, except to add some pictures and hyperlinks. She worked hard on this post, so leave her some love in the comments!

Hi! It’s Emelie! I’m sure you’ve heard my mom’s opinion about life, but have you heard mine? Maybe you have, but that’s against the point. Right now I’m nine years old and it’s great to be alive. Life has many negative times, yet this life has less than some. Sometimes a small top bunk bed doesn’t seem like enough space for a young girl like me, and let me tell you a secret, sometimes I even cry about it.

Now I want to tell you where we are parked currently. We are boondocking at Osceola national forest! It has a beach, a playground, and so much more! We got a big site with lots of flowers. There’s so much to do here that we would never be able to do it all in one week! No TV inspires fun creativity! We even got new sand toys for the beach! So you get it. This place is amazing!  

Osceola National Forest

On Monday we moved here. The day was long. We had to stay in Cobbs (Cobb Hunt camp, dispersed camping in Osceola National Forest) for the night because there was no space here. On Tuesday we moved again to the real Osceola (Ocean Pond campground). Wednesday and Thursday were mostly normal if going to the beach both days is what you call normal.

Osceola National Forest

On Friday for dinner we had many different grilled cheese varieties. Mom had an article to write, and it was about making different kinds of grilled cheese on a campfire. So we got to try a lot of different things.

pie iron

On Saturday… well a lot happened on Saturday. We were going shopping and the car was vibrating weirdly. And this is about how my day went: sit in the car and wait and wait and wait. In walmart trying to kill two hours. Back and forth between the best day ever and the worst day ever. You see Herb ( the car ) needs new shoes ( tires ). We might of stayed in a hotel room for two days, but luckily we made it home so we did not have to. Because if we did then we would not have toothbrushes and pajamas and stuffed animals.

roadside assistance

And on Monday we moved again. Well that’s all my time for today, I hope to see you soon. Bye!

20 thoughts on “A Week in Osceola National Forest

  1. Great Job Emelie! My daughter Annika just turned 9 yesterday, and I think she’d love to see your story about life on the road! Please write more often!

  2. Great job, Emelie! I can’t wait to read all about what you and your brothers are learning in the many places you get to call home!

  3. Hej Emelie!
    Så roligt att Du har börjat skriva inlägg!
    Mycket intressant att läsa hur du upplever och beskriver ditt liv
    Jag skulle gärna vilja höra från dig om någon besök till kyrkan. Hoppas att du vill berätta nån gång.

  4. Hi Emelie, it’s so great to hear the Lindstroms’ story from your point of view and I hope you’ll continue to write and post for all to read. I hope our paths cross soon!

  5. Good job, Emelie. I enjoyed reading your blog. You are right that life is good, but sometimes bad things happen too. God is with us in the good times and bad, times of joy and times of sadness, times of excitement and times of boredom. Hope to read more of your blogs in the future. You are fortunate to travel as you do with your families. BTW, grilled cheese is one of my favorites. I like mine with tomato and bacon. Ask your father. Bacon is one of the major food groups. Love, Steve

  6. GREAT job Emelie!!! I’m SO-O-O-O-O proud of you, and excited for you that you got to do that!! I LOVED reading your blog post and agree with the other comments that we’d love you to write more. It’s so awesome that you share your mamma’s passion and talent for writing. I’ll look forward to reading more posts written “by Emelie” Love you sweetie!! XOXOXOXOX

  7. Nice writing Emelie! My friend Karen Johnson told me about your mom’s blog today — and the first thing I read was your post! I have a 9 year old son named Izayah. We camp a lot in our old airstream, and are heading out on a year of adventure across the US early August! Maybe our paths will cross in our travels!!

    1. Thank you! It’s also cool that you have an Airstream – I’ve seen a whole lot of those. If we ever do cross paths, I could meet your son. Again, thank you! From Emelie

      A short PS from Mom: It would be so fun to meet up along the road somewhere! We will be in the Pacific Northwest this fall if all goes according to plan. If we can help you prepare for your trip in any way, please let me know. I’m not always great at updating where we are on the blog, but if you find me on Instagram (christilindstrom), that’s the most up-to-date way to know where we are and reach us. -Christi

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