Who are the Lindströms? 

Christine, a native of suburban Philadelphia (USA) and Staffan, a native of Byske in northern Sweden, met while working at a summer camp in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. We got “engaged” just a few days after we met, but never would’ve imagined that just 3 years later we’d be married. Funny story. We’ve traveled together in the US and Europe, Honduras, South Korea, Jordan, Israel and Egypt. We recently celebrated our 14th anniversary and until recently lived in Skellefteå, Sweden.

Emelie joined our family in 2009. Now 7 years old, she’s bright, articulate (in 2 languages), inquisitive, stubborn and charming. She loves music, princesses, playing outside, and books. Her first international trip was to Finland when just 6 weeks old. Not counting travel in utero, she’s already been to 7 countries.

Peter, born in 2011, is also bright and articulate (in 2 languages) and sweet and funny. He loves cars, Legos, puzzles and can’t sleep unless his bed is full of books. Peter’s first trip outside of Sweden was our big road trip around the United States in 2012, when we also visited Mexico. He has also hopped (literally) across the border into Norway, and last year added England to his list when we visited London. Though he hasn’t had the chance to travel internationally as much as his sister, we’re hoping to rectify that soon!

Micah just joined our family in 2016 but already it feels as though he has always been with us. He’s a happy, pleasant baby who is just starting to discover the world around him, and so far he seems curious and social. He came home from the hospital to our camper in Sweden and was just 6 weeks old when we transitioned to the United States. We’re fascinated to see how his early childhood will differ from his sister’s and brother’s as life on the road is all he’s even known.

We started this blog to recount our adventures on a 90-day road trip around the United States in 2012. What we thought might have been a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity ignited and fueled a passion in us to continue traveling as a family. We love the way our experiences “on the road” bond us together and educate our children beyond what books and classrooms ever could. Christine, a former teacher, has left the classroom to focus on homeschooling our kids and explore her own passion for writing here on this blog. We genuinely love being with each other, so we try to do things together as much as possible.

In April 2016, we ended our lease on our apartment and moved full-time into our camper. Then in October we left Sweden to pursue our dream of roadschooling and living a more nomadic lifestyle. We have a lot of ideas and nearly as many unanswered questions as we set out on this new path, but we’ve been dreaming, planning, and preparing for this for about 3 years. We’re so excited that it’s finally time!!

We plan to continue writing about our travels, but also about our adventures in home education and simplifying life to include less of what we don’t need and more of what we want most. This is a process and as such our reflections here will always be a work in progress. A journey. Thanks for joining us on the road!

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