Return to Pennsylvania

This is the last post describing what we lovingly refer to as “The Big Trip”. For those of you who have followed the whole journey, thank you for your patience in all the time that living life has made it hard to find time to write. If you’re new, we welcome you to read older posts about this amazing trip that changed our lives. While we started this blog as a way to document this particular Continue Reading →


On the eve of return…

Travel Route

Tomorrow we are heading back to my parents’ house in Pennsylvania. I know the blog is dreadfully behind and if you’re only seeing my blog posts, you’d think we were still in California. We’re not. With the exception of tonight’s post, I plan to “go back” to California and continue to add each post in chronological order of what we did on the trip. I don’t know how long it will take me, but the Continue Reading →


Can you have too much fun?

This morning I was ready to cancel the whole trip. Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure we won’t. But this morning I got a little reminder of what my kids are really like when they’re over-tired and overstimulated. Not just later that day but the day after and sometimes the day after that. I won’t go into detail – if you have kids you know exactly the kind of day I’m talking about. And if you Continue Reading →