10,000 miles in 90 days with 2 toddlers?

Yes, that’s right. We’ll be on the road for 90 days. We plan to travel approximately 10,000 miles on a coast-to-coast tour of the United States. And yes, we have two toddlers. Well, the youngest isn’t quite “toddling” yet, but he will be soon. Maybe even on this trip! Our daughter will turn 3 just before we leave, and our son will celebrate his first birthday while we’re on the road.

Why are we doing this? Are we crazy? Maybe a little. As a couple and as individuals, we’ve always enjoyed traveling and want that to be a part of our family culture. We’re currently living in Sweden, and have family and dear friends scattered across the United States, who we miss and want to visit and introduce to our children. We saw a window in life where we could be between jobs and cities and all the normal routines, when our kids aren’t yet in school, and decided to start saving our pennies (or öre as they’re called in Swedish currency) and seize this opportunity.

The adventure begins in just a little over 2 months. This blog will follow our preparations a bit between now and then, and then document our journey all along the way. This is a way for us to update our family and friends, and hopefully be a source of information and inspiration for other families like ours across the blogosphere. And, maybe there’s a little part of us that wants to thumb our noses – just a little bit – at all the people who told us we’d have to stop traveling when we had kids.

So follow our blog and follow our journey!!

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