Blake Ranch RV Park – Kingman

Our next destination was the Grand Canyon. But the drive from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon was a little longer than our typical day’s drive (Google maps predicted 4 hrs and 40 min). Adding in our stop at the Hoover Dam, we decided to stop for a night in between and chose the Blake Ranch RV Park in Kingman, AZ.

Their rates were really reasonable, even after they charged us extra for the kids. It’s not unusual for a campground to say that their nightly rate only includes two people. What is unusual, though, is to charge for extra people as young as our kids are.

We didn’t see or do anything in Kingman except our laundry. So this short post is basically just a campground review.

Campground Review – Blake Ranch RV Park

Price: $22/night, + $2 each for the kids. $26 total
Location: Convenient between Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. But there doesn’t seem to be too much to do in the area. Most of their guests are staying the night on their way to someplace else, rather than coming there as a destination.
Facilities: Nothing special, but adequate. They maintain an “adult park atmosphere” so there’s no playground, pool, or other family-friendly facilities. But the bathrooms and the showers are fine. Their laundry facility is a public laundromat, so the hours were a bit more restricted than we were used to, and it wasn’t only camping guests using the facility, but everything worked fine and the prices were reasonable.
Site-description: Gravel, gravel, gravel. A few small trees for shade and aesthetic value.
Neighborhood: Predominantly retired RVers.
: Electric service is only 30/50 amp and there are no ordinary outlets in the box. To use our smaller 20amp plug we needed to get an adapter. This had happened once before but then we had borrowed one. In this case we bought one. Also, the website boasts that the park is “quietly removed from nearby truck stop and restaurants”. I guess this statement is vague enough that it could technically be considered a truthful statement. The truck stop was very close but the noise wasn’t a problem.

Blake Ranch RV park: campsiteWe forgot to take pictures while the camper was still popped, but you can still get a feel for the site.

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