Old El Paso

Southbound again to another border town. El Paso is very rarely on recommended road trip lists and responses when we included it in our itinerary ranged from confusion to fear for our safety. No one shared tips for things to be sure to see, but we got a few suggestions of places to avoid. Admittedly, El Paso would probably never have made our list if not for a big claim on our hearts: friends. Good friends. The college-roommate-in-each-other’s-weddings-fly-to-Korea-to-visit kind of friends. Through an unfortunate combination of army stationings (probably not a real word) and international missions, we went from sharing a room to rarely living on the same continent for years and years. Our road trip route passing through El Paso was not optional.

That being said, I can’t think of a single “sight” we went “seeing” unless you count the fajita drive-thru place or looking out the bedroom window after dark at the lights from Juarez, Mexico. Our visit to El Paso was all about sharing everyday life with our friends for a few days and wishing we could do it more often.

I don’t know much about crime statistics or better or worse neighborhoods in El Paso. It was a bit spread out (as cities in Texas seem to be in my limited experience) and required lots of driving, but otherwise we had a very nice stay in El Paso and never felt unsafe in any way.

img_2891.jpgTaking detailed notes and dressing extra girly at a Boy Scout ceremony


Emelie and Aaron are about 4 months apart and became fast friends

img_3170.jpg6 kids under 7 all looking at the camera? You’re witnessing a minor miracle friends!

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