Philadelphia, part 2: Friends, Food and a Birthday Party

We spent our last few days in Philadelphia enjoying spending time with friends, eating our favorite foods, and celebrating Emelie’s 3rd birthday. It’s hard to believe that our trip has begun! It’s a bit surreal to have spent such a long time planning something that it seems like it will always be in the future… but then suddenly, it’s not.

But first, the Philadelphia area wrap-up. We enjoyed a few more opportunities to visit with friends… those beautiful moments spent sharing food and laughs around a table with people we see far too little of. These moments nourish my heart and make me so thankful for all the wonderful people we have in our life. Add to that chances for the kids to play with dogs or trampolines, pick vegetables from a garden, or just get a little extra love and, well, joy. If you were a part of making this week what it was, you know who you are. Thank you.



On Saturday we had a little birthday party for Emelie. Her friend Annika came over (and Annika’s mommy and daddy of course) and we made goldfish (cracker) “aquariums”, hot dog and spaghetti octopuses (octopi? I always thought so but spell check rejects this), and of course plenty of cake. The highlight, though, seemed to be the water trampoline that my dad whipped up for the occasion (thanks Dad!)


I may have gotten a little overzealous about the opportunity to try out all these fun ideas I’ve been pinning on Pinterest, but I had fun being creative and the kids had a fun party, so that’s all that matters. đŸ™‚

And finally, a little photographic answer to the question I’m so frequently asked – other than people, what do you miss most about the US when you’re abroad? There are lots of deep and philosophical answers to this question, but sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words.



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