Spokane or Spo-can’t

Next in the American City Pronunciation Challenge: Spokane, Washington. I had to explain to Staffan that while phonetically he was right to say “Spo-cane”, the name of the city is actually “Spo-can”.

Our visit in Spokane was short and uneventful. While we were driving from Deer Lodge, our friends in Seattle called. His mom lives in Spokane – would we like to set up camp in her driveway for the night on our way to Seattle? A house and a free place to camp for the night sounded great to us. Unfortunately, they were away for the weekend. But they were so generous to let us stay there anyway!

So we set up camp in their driveway and took advantage of being in civilization by stocking up on groceries, going to the bank, and other boring but necessary tasks. We also took advantage of being at a house to do luxurious things like putting a frozen pizza in the oven for dinner, giving the kids a bath in a tub, and eating ice cream and watching a movie after the kids were asleep. We hadn’t stayed at someone’s house since Ohio, so all these “everyday luxuries” were especially appreciated. We’re so thankful that they let us stay there!

I guess this is a short and boring post. We didn’t do much and we didn’t take any pictures. Can we say we’ve really seen Spokane? Maybe we can’t. But it was a great place to stop as we continued our journey west.

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