The Route


So here it is! This is our planned route! We’re hoping that by choosing a northern route as we drive west and a southern route as we drive back east, we’ll avoid both the heat of the South in late August and early September and the cold of the North in late October and November. You could say we’re trying to follow the summer. Really we just want to have the best possible chance to have good weather to enjoy all of our stops along the way. And hopefully avoid packing clothes for multiple seasons.

There are long stretches of road without a stop marked – which doesn’t mean we won’t be stopping. We just don’t know exactly where yet. We’re open to suggestions if anyone sees that we’ll be driving right past (or a minimal detour from) something that we should see. We don’t want everything to be a major attraction. There are some great attractions on our itinerary but we need to keep a pace that’s maintainable for all four of us for 90 days. Our kids are too young to get much out of theme parks, though we might hit one or two along the way. What we want is fun things to do as a family… a nice lake we can swim in or canoe on, for example, or local festivals, children’s theater productions, even just a really good playground.

What an adventure this will be!!

2 thoughts on “The Route

  1. wow this is awesome!!! are you guys planning to get to seattle by mid-September? it’d be fun to see you before we get on a plane and move to europe!

    1. Hi Bill! We’d love to see you guys! Unfortunately, it’s hard to say exactly when we’ll get to Seattle. We’re trying to keep things really flexible, especially with little ones. My best estimate right now is that it might be mid-to-late September so it could be close. Do you have a specific date yet that you’re moving? You can message to me on Facebook if you’d rather it be private. Otherwise, you can follow our progress through this blog and we can be in touch when we get a little closer. đŸ™‚

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