Uh… Houston?

We have a problem. With the camper. But we already talked about that.

But really, does anyone ever talk about Houston without pretending to be on a NASA mission? I guess maybe if you live there. I’ll do my best to avoid any further astronaut references.

Houston was another non-negotiable stop on our route. Three good friends live there (2 of them married to each other) who used to live in Sweden. We all worked for Young Life together, and it’s the kind of work where your co-workers are the people you share life with. They become like family. These members of the family moved back to Texas a few years ago and we missed them. It was a joy to once again be invited into their homes and to pick up right where we left off.

This was another stop that was focused more on being with people than seeing a lot of sights. There were conversations late into the night, a trip to an amazing Tex-Mex restaurant, and silliness at Target. Wonderful days, but not too much to blog about.


Nancy and Diana with Peter outside the restaurant


Micke ordered a truly terrifying drink… like a beer margarita? Only in Texas.


This one’s called “Peter and the Enchiladas”. Photo credit: Micke Goteman


And this one’s called “TexMex Lindstroms”. Also by Micke

the-target-avengers.jpgBeware the Target Avengers!


I wish our stores at home had shopping carts like this!


More fun in the toy aisle. Peter’s not quite sure what to make of these two. 

We also had the chance to go to church together at an outdoor church that focuses on outreach to the homeless community. The group worships together in a park, and afterward there are opportunities for those who need to to take clothes and other basic necessities that have been donated. They then share a meal together – not like a soup kitchen where the “haves” serve the “have nots” but rather sitting side by side and breaking bread together. It’s a beautiful ministry and it was a joy to join their community for a few hours.


The congregation gathered, with bins of donated clothing & essentials on the side. 

emeliefountain1.jpgEnjoying the fountain during worship. An added advantage to church in the park!


Thank you to Micke for these beautiful pictures!

We slept inside a house for the first time since Orange County CA, and tried to make arrangements to get the camper fixed. After calling around to a few RV places, only one called us back. The estimated cost seemed unreasonable and the wait time would make it impossible to get back to Philadelphia by Thanksgiving. We decided that the 2×2 solution had worked well enough for a few nights. We would just finish the trip without repairing the camper. Nothing like a little added adventure!

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