“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

We haven’t been everywhere yet, but it’s on our list! Meanwhile, you can read about the places we have been, what we thought, learned, and did, as well as more practical tips like campground reviews. So please, explore!

 US Roadtrip 2012 National Parks Campground Reviews

A Brief Tour in Tampa

Glazer vets

Moving in the direction of Tallahassee, where we were headed to attend a Full-time Families Rally, our next stop was the Tampa area. We have two nearby Encore RV parks included in our Thousand Trails membership, and since neither had availability for all three nights we planned to stay there, we stayed in both. Largo Vacation Village in Largo, FL, is perhaps our least favorite campground so far. The sites are tiny and way too close Continue Reading →


Of Mote and Myakka

observation tower

One of the things that first drew us to this road-schooling lifestyle was the opportunity to teach our kids primarily through experiences – through touching, tasting, smelling, hearing and seeing firsthand, rather than just reading about it in a book or watching a video (though we still do those things too!) So even though we need to plan longer stops regularly to keep our pace reasonable, we still try to make sure we take at Continue Reading →


Peace River

peace river

One of the things we’re learning about a traveling lifestyle is pacing. When you’re on vacation, you usually want to see and do as much as you can before you head back to everyday life. The days are fun but intense and often we talk about needing to recover after a vacation. Even on our big trip in 2012, our time was limited to about 3 months and we moved on to a new place Continue Reading →


Making the Most of the Space Coast

Canaveral National Seashore

Spoiler Alert: We didn’t do anything related to NASA or space at all. The area around Titusville, Florida is often referred to as the Space Coast. It’s the home of Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center. We saw both of these places from a distance, and at some point we’d really like to visit Kennedy Space Center (I imagine it’s changed quite a bit since I was there in 1991), but it wasn’t in Continue Reading →


Choosing a Thousand Trails Membership

Thousand Trails

When we left Osceola National Forest we headed for Three Flags RV Campground in Wildwood, FL, which was our third stay in the Thousand Trails network. The longer we live this full-time traveling lifestyle, the more we realize that our preferred campground is more like what we left in Osceola – national/state/county parks and forests that may boast fewer amenities but that offer more nature and open spaces. We found this to be true when we Continue Reading →


Welcome to Florida – Osceola National Forest

ocean pond campground

It was hard to find. We’d taken a several mile detour before we realized we were following directions to the wrong place. We were out of cell phone and internet range, so we traded Google Maps for our trusty old (new) road atlas. It was late afternoon, it had been a long drive, and we were all very tired. But we got there. It was worth it. The Ocean Pond campground in Osceola National Forest Continue Reading →


Hunted by Helena

We have a “polar package” on our camper. If we compare it to our Swedish camper, it’s kind of a joke, but it does give us a little bit of protection in colder temperatures. It basically means the underbelly is enclosed and receives some heat from the heat system and water heater. But this is by no means a winter camper. The time we spent in Pennsylvania over the holidays was challenging in terms of Continue Reading →


A Day in DC

Natural history museum

Just outside of Washington DC, in Greenbelt, Maryland is a small national park that many people have never heard of. We hadn’t until recently. Greenbelt National Park doesn’t boast thousands of acres, dramatic vistas, or unique natural phenomena like some of the better known parks. This pretty wooded area, just 12 miles from the White House, is little more than its campground. And its stated mission is to help people access and enjoy our nation’s Continue Reading →


The First State

Delaware’s state nickname is “The First State” and it was fitting for us as this was the first state for us as we officially began to travel. We purchased the trailer in New Jersey and stayed in it for more than a month in Pennsylvania, but as we began our travels beyond visiting family and friends, our first state was Delaware. Coincidentally, it was also in this first stop in Delaware that we welcomed the Continue Reading →


The “Camp” in Campus Park and Ride

Philadelphia RV

The website promises no trees, grass, lakes, or anything else that you typically associate with camping. They weren’t exaggerating. Campus Park and Ride is a parking lot where commuters to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP) and surrounding areas can park their cars and take a shuttle bus. A typical park and ride… except that this park and ride developed part of their lot into a makeshift RV park and also reaches out Continue Reading →


The Storm Before the Calm

Writing today from the United States, for the first time in a long time. Our last post was about waiting. And when our period of waiting was finally over, there was little time left over for writing. To call the last two months intense is a bit of an understatement. But it has, for the most part, been a happy time, and somehow we find ourselves now back in the US actually implementing the plan Continue Reading →


On the Road Again

I’ve been promising to write and share pictures of our “new normal” life in the camper without an apartment or other form of “permanent” residence. The problem is that the last few weeks since we moved out have been full, intense, and more than a bit overwhelming. It’s been hard to find time to write. And when I have sat down to write, I’ve realized that in all the chaos, I have no idea what Continue Reading →


The Dream, The Plan: FAQ

camper study

This post is a follow up to our two previous posts explaining our plans for a new season for our family. If you haven’t read The Dream, The Plan part one and part two, you might want to click over to those first. Then this post will make a lot more sense to you. Frequently Asked Questions Q: What will you actually do? Where will you go? How often will you move? A: When we Continue Reading →


The Dream, The Plan (Part 2)

If you missed reading The Dream, The Plan (Part 1), please follow the link and read that post first… And there, by the river on our 11th wedding anniversary, the dream became a plan… Let’s get back on the road. Indefinitely. What if traveling wasn’t just for vacations or a 4-month gap between jobs, but a lifestyle where the world is our classroom to explore and learn together? What if we could feel as alive Continue Reading →


The Dream, The Plan (part 1)

Sometimes a dream is a delicate thing, like a soap bubble floating on the breeze. If you try to grasp it, it will burst, so you keep it hidden away in your heart and whisper about it only to yourself. But sometimes it’s like a seedling, fragile but with enormous potential to grow strong and bloom bright if properly nurtured. We have a dream that has turned out to be of the second kind. What Continue Reading →


Finding Time, Finding Treasure

We long for a time in our lives when outdoor adventure, travel and exploration will be “normal life” and not just vacations. We are actively working to pursue that dream, but we’re not there yet. In the meantime, there’s dance class and meetings and stopping for groceries on the way to pick up one and drop off the other. Don’t misunderstand, there’s beauty and value in the season we’re in now and we don’t want to Continue Reading →


Family Adventures in London

With the details of travel, lodging and budget out of the way now we can move on to the fun part! Subtracting travel time, we had three full days in London. Here’s what we did, plus a few tips for other families interested in exploring this amazing city with kids. Bridges Between the old classic song and the scenes that played out in one of their favorite Magic Tree House* books, the kids were very Continue Reading →


Spontaneous Long Weekend in London (on a budget!)

After a summer of exploring our local area, discovering new places that we never knew were nearby, and writing all about our reasons for staying local and what we did, we hopped on a plane and spent four days in London. I know. We said we wouldn’t. And we weren’t planning to. We really weren’t. But then we did. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the weather in Sweden this summer was particularly terrible. Continue Reading →


Västerbotten Road Trip

Finally at the end of July Staffan was able to take a bit of vacation time from work and we hitched up the camper and hit the road. We adore road trips, and for us they are usually measured in weeks, not days, and we tend to cover a lot of ground. This year, though, since we decided to stick to exploring locally  our road trip was much smaller in scale, and in the end Continue Reading →


Exploring Locally in July

In July, we were all still searching for signs of summer to arrive in Sweden. They were few and far between. Meteorologists have offered their explanations (it’s linked to the record-breaking heat and drought the European continent has experienced) but sunny, warm-ish weather has been rare and most days have been cloudy, full of chilly breezes, rain showers and mutant mosquitoes with super powers. We had much more use for raincoats and rubber boots than Continue Reading →