Black Hills Campground Review: Spokane Creek

Our home in the Black Hills was at the Spokane Creek campground. It’s definitely a place we’d recommend! Here’s our review:

Price: $22/night, off-season rate.
Location: A bit difficult to find, so believe what they say on their website. It’s easier to call and get directions from them or get it straight from the website than it is to find it with a gps. But otherwise a great location, right on Iron Mountain Road, which is the scenic route to Mount Rushmore.
Facilities: Bathrooms and showers all fine. Coin operated laundry in the men’s room and the women’s room (which is a little awkward – once I started the laundry, Staffan couldn’t help because it was in the women’s bathroom). Great playground that Emelie loved. Outdoor dish washing area by the swimming pool (which was closed for the season). Free wifi – which is especially helpful since almost no one seems to have cell reception there.
Site description: Grass/dirt. Plenty of trees (oak trees that dropped acorns on the trailer roof all night!) and right by the would-be creek (if there was any water). Fire ring (but a fire ban in place) and picnic table.
Neighborhood: Lots of families, including one that had 5 kids in a pop up a little smaller than ours! There was also a big school group of 5th and 6th graders that came and tent camped in the group camping area, which added some noise and a long line for a shower, but I doubt that’s a regular occurrence.
Comments: Every morning we opened the door to wildlife – deer and turkeys mostly. We weren’t sure when we came if we were staying 2 nights or 3, but we liked the campground enough to decide to stay 3.


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