Recalculating Route…

“Recalculating route…” is what you hear the voice of your navigation system saying over and over again when you’ve made a wrong turn or decided to leave the route to get gas or a bite to eat. If you have made a wrong turn and are trying frantically to get back on track, the ever-calm voice of your GPS repeating this phrase over and over can be a bit irritating. But don’t read that feeling into the title of this post! The route that we had previously posted was a work in progress. And posting it enabled us to mine the collective wisdom of social media to make our trip even better!

Had we followed our initial plan, we would have missed Mount Rushmore, for example. But this is now included on our itinerary. So thank you, friends, for helping us improve our experience.

Unlike the presidents at Mount Rushmore, this new route is not set in stone (momentary pause to groan at the bad pun), so we hope others will speak up where they see opportunities we might be missing or other ways to improve our plans. Here’s our most current planned route:new-trip-route.jpg

Just 40 days left now until we fly to the United States to begin this grand adventure!

2 thoughts on “Recalculating Route…

  1. I hope when you are in Chicago you will have time to stop at the Shedd Aquarium. Your little ones will love it.

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