Sleeping in Seattle: Seattle KOA Campground Review

Often when we visit friends, we are able to set up the camper in their driveway or yard. But since our friends in Seattle live in an apartment, we needed to find a campground. There weren’t a lot of options available, and because the Seattle KOA is actually located in Kent where our friends live, we chose the KOA. It worked, but it certainly wasn’t our favorite campground. Here’s our review:

Price: $42/night, after KOA member discount. Thus far one of our most expensive.
Location: Well, that’s why we stayed there. Easy access to Seattle and for us, close to our friends.
Facilities: Bathrooms were nice and clean, but the showers had very poor water pressure. And by very poor, I mean it probably would have been easier to use the water fountain to get the shampoo out of my hair. The playground looked like it was a great one, but we didn’t actually use it.
Site Description: Grass and gravel, literally 1 pop-up + 1 minivan + 1 picnic table wide. A pull-through site, approximately 1 pop-up camper in length. There was not a whole lot of wiggle room here. If we didn’t park the minivan in just the right spot, we either couldn’t open the van door because of the picnic table or we couldn’t open the camper door because of the minivan. One of the tiniest campsites I’ve ever seen. And while this wasn’t true of all sites, our site was very close to a major road where there was considerable traffic noise all night.
Neighborhood: The usual mix of retired RV-ers, families, etc. Also a group of bikers who liked to make noise (both themselves and their motorcycles) late at night. Not my favorite neighbors.
Comments: It was the right choice for us all things considered, and if I had to do it over again, I’d probably make the same choice. But we did decide to leave after 2 nights instead of staying for 3, mostly because the quality we received didn’t really match the price we were paying.


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