Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater

Meanwhile, back in Santa Barbara…

We went to a pumpkin patch with our friends Gary, Jeanne, and Tatyana. I had not been to a pumpkin patch in years, and for the rest of the Lindstrom clan, it was a first time experience.

img_23311.jpgThe cutest little pumpkins in the patch!


img_23411.jpgWhile we were paying for our pumpkins, Emelie ran off with a wagon and picked a whole new batch!

Then we took them back to their house and got ready to carve them. Again, something I haven’t done in years, and the first time for all the rest.

First we draw the faces we want to carve… 

img_23511.jpgNot so bad for 3!

I have never seen such intense concentration on her face.

img_23521.jpgThis was quite a pumpkin carving operation!

img_23551.jpgThen it was time to scoop out the “guts”!

img_23611.jpgStaffan preparing to carve Emelie’s pumpkin. He did a great job of free-hand carving a face out of the drawings she made!

img_23621.jpgWhat a good looking bunch!

img_23681.jpgHanging out on the porch that evening by pumpkin-light. The Parsons’ pumpkins are on the left, then the little Peter pumpkin in the middle, then Emelie’s and mine

It was so fun to pick and carve pumpkins with our friends! We took the pumpkins with us and they brightened our campsites for a few nights, before the heat of the Southern California sun aged them a bit prematurely.

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